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Central Scouting Services – Are You Not Getting Scouts Attention?

If you are a legitimate prospect and you are not getting attention from scouts there are reasons for it. There are also solutions for it.

The scouting world begins and end with the flow of player information. If they don’t have access to your information when they want it and how they want it, then you have a problem.

The first thing is if you don’t have a resume, or a Central Scouting Services Player profile, you simply aren’t going to hear from scouts. Unless you are in the top one tenth of one percent of players, you need to be prepared, and a resume/profile is the first and best place to start.

This CSS Player Profile contains all of the information scouts want. We know this because scouts actually designed it.

The CSS Player Database delivers your information directly to scouts from the NHL, NCAA D-1 and D-3, USHL, OHL, WHL, QMJHL, NAHL, NCDC, and all Canadian Junior A (Tier II) teams along with other select programs.

No gimmicks. Nothing to buy later. No add on services. Just scouting.

Stop wasting time going from one team tryout to another. Why would you spend all your time and money trying out for one team after one team? Smart players are going places where there are a lot of scouts, those are the players receiving a lot of offers.

If you think your “too good” to attend a Combine where lots of scouts are watching players, then you probably already have a commitment from and NCAA program. If not, then you are not too good to attend.

Playing AAA is great. Playing AAA when your team does not leave your profile in the scout room, with your contact information on it, is not. Find out is your team is distributing your information during the season at these showcase events.

If a scout is forced to go through your coach or someone in the AAA organization, you will slow the process. A lot of AAA teams take this approach so they are in control of where the player goes and when. Unfortunately, players and parents don’t find this out until its too late.

Players and parents need to stop being complacent and start realizing that if you aren’t the star on the team, you better begin to formulate a way to get your information in the hands of scouts.

Central Scouting Services Free Player Profiles is the way to get noticed, and it doesn’t cost the players anything.

It is the only database that is completely free of charge to Scouts from the NHL and NCAA Division One. Other scouts pay to have access to the information you control, so you know they are serious scouts and not pretenders.

Stop spending time emailing coaches and hopping for responses. Make sure you get all of your information in one place and keep it updated as your stats and other information changes.

Information changes all the time. Your CSS Player Profile keeps you in control of delivering accurate information to scouts in the format they want it delivered.

Put all your video, photos and transcripts in one safe and secure location. FREE, FOR LIFE.


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