Central Scouting Services Free Access Friday Is Tomorrow – Organizing Teams And League Scouting

Player development begins and ends with scouting. If you don’t have strong scouting and recruiting, you don’t have a strong organization. This can be said from the NHL down through Tier III teams.

Scouting, and keeping it organized is critical. It saves time and money.

Central Scouting Services offers the player database and scouting management profile for organizations who are looking to get that competitive edge.

Not only can organizations view players, but all scouting and contact notes can be kept in one location. A General Manager can log in and see exactly what his staff are doing at any time.

From team to team and league to league, the CSS Player Database and Scouting program is completely customizable. Custom features for record keeping, file transfers, scouting note sharing, and any other number of items can be added to your organizations program.

On a league wide level, trades, transfers, scouting notes, injury reports, statistics and other data can be stored and transferred based upon the controls you decide to have.

There is no software to load and slow your computer down or take up resources other programs need. It can be used on any operating system and in any web browser. It is comes with the highest security and privacy standards already in place so you don’t have to worry.

Available around the world on any device at any time, the CSS Player Database is the worlds best data management program.

For more information or to register, you can contact Jason Nyhof directly and he can get you registered.
Jason Nyhof – Performance Testing Director North America –
1-855-CSS-TEST Ext. 701 jnyhof@centralscoutingservices.com