Central Scouting Services – The Value Of Information

Information. It is what the whole concept of the “internet” has been built upon. The internet which we use every day to research things, read news and communicate.

Facebook, Twitter and others are making a fortune off of information sharing, and selling. They are dealing with millions upon millions of non specific users and customers. The key phrase is “non specific”.

In hockey, whether you are a player or an organization, you are looking for very specific information when you are researching. Its extremely frustrating when you can not find what you are looking for when you need it whether its statistics, medical information, or contact information.

Accurate information is as good as gold.

As a player, knowing you are communicating with a legitimate team representative and not some marketing person looking to fill camps is critical.

As an organization, knowing you are communicating with the player based upon their supply of information rather than some list of contact information that is being sold illegally and is only partly accurate is critical.

Central Scouting Services database is the only 100% user controlled database and communication platform in the world that is HIPPA and Privacy Law Compliant.

Central Scouting Services provides the data and communication platform that is secure, accurate, detailed, and exceeds current standards for information gathering and sharing. No other service in the world offered the CSS level of security and service.

All emails, text messages and communication done safely and securely in one place. All documented to ensure NCAA communication compliance documentation.

All organizations and team staff prescreened for legitimacy. No fly by night organizations allowed access.

The ability to store video, photos, game clips, scouting reports, school transcripts, test scores, medical records and other PDF documents all in one secure location.

The ability to store standardized concussion baseline test results that are accessible anywhere in the world by players and team medical staff.

All on and off ice test results, injury records, and scouting notes stored in one place.

The ability to control who has access to all of this information all within the most secure permissions program in the world.

This is the Central Scouting Services Player Database. Accept no substitutes.

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