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Clues In Ontario For 2020

Its a strange day indeed when I can cite the GMHL as doing something the right way. Its an even stranger thing when they can do it in a public way that actually sets a good example, and gives insight into what is most likely for junior hockey in Ontario.

The GMHL will not be starting their season before October 1, 2020. Traditionally the GMHL is a September start date just like everyone else. But this year, they have already made the decision to start in October.

Anyone else find that interesting? Anyone else asking why?

Multiple sources are reporting that they are doing this because they do not believe they will have access to import players before that time. They are also reporting that they do not believe they will be allowed to have fans in the buildings before that time.

The GMHL is traditionally a bull in a china shop when it comes to doing things their own way. They really dont care what other people think, they just press forward with their own plan.

We have been highly critical of the GMHL over the years. In this case though, I have to give credit where its due. This is a smart, cautious and good move for everyone.

I am not endorsing the league here, I am just saying that for them, in Ontario, this is probably the most professional thing they have ever done.

Now, what about the rest of Ontario? We have a lot of information coming in from sources. Come back Monday for what we are hearing on the OJHL, CCHL and QJHLAAA leagues.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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