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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Finishing Strong Preparing For The Future

To be sure it has been a long season.  We are more than half way through January and there is roughly 60 day or so before most player season end.  Sometime it feel like it go so fast and other time we all look back and think when will it end, yes?

Now is the time to begin to prepare for next year.  It is time to maintain your body properly with nutrition and not to over train in the gym.  It is time to rest as often as possible to remain fresh for the end of the year push.

It is also time to make sure your resume is in order and up to date.  It is time to have plan in place to take you through the summer training and preparation for next season.  It is time to begin looking for the best opportunity for next season as well.

All of that mean it is time to get organized.

During the season it is easy to get caught up in the practice, gym and game routine.  It is easy to fill your free time with the team activity and with the boys.  The serious player though, always have the mental clock that keep him organized or moving toward better organization.

If you have more junior time to play what is you plan for next season?  If you are going to try to play junior for first time next season what is the plan?  Are you to stick with current team or look for better opportunity?  Will you seek the easy path or will you challenge yourself to be better?

Will you not only challenge yourself and elevate your play but will you elevate your thinking?

The key to the success now is time management.  How do you spend your time?  Are you effective and efficient in your training and your planning?

It is no longer simply about the playing of the game, it is about how you grow as the person.  Growth, on and off the ice will determine future success.  Your attitude will directly effect your altitude.


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