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The Death Pool – The BCHL Is Lying By Deceptive Press Releases

Lets get this straight once and for all, the BCHL is Tier II, it is not even close to the level of the USHL or Major Junior. Not close by a mile.

The BCHL is now LYING by making statements of players being “ACQUIRED” from USHL teams when in FACT those players are FREE AGENTS signing in the BCHL.

The USHL does not, and CAN NOT trade players to the BCHL. The BCHL CAN NOT trade players to the USHL, and the USHL would NEVER allow it to happen.

The BCHL for lack of a better term is simply trying to bullshit the hockey community by trying to make it look like they are “acquiring” USHL players. The BCHL is beneath the USHL, not equal, not on par, they are beneath.

The average player cut from the USHL who goes on to the BCHL usually dominates the BCHL because it is LOWER LEVEL than the USHL. LOWER LEVEL.

All the BCHL spin doctors need to get a grip on themselves.

All the idiots who tried starting the rumor of the BCHL playing against or joining the USHL should be kicked out of any journalism job. That rumor was a complete lie started by the BCHL to try to elevate their status. That rumor was given to some dummy in Canada who then talked about it on his “broadcast”.

Not once has any discussion taken place between the USHL and BCHL.

Hockey Canada is NOT making the BCHL “Tier I”. They are a Hockey Canada Tier II league who gets no special treatment.

The BCHL is a pay to play league. Teams have been charging players for years. Lets just stop all the lies that pump the tires of the BCHL.

Any idiot who thinks the BCHL is on par with the USHL has never seen a USHL game.

And now, I wait for another phone call from the BCHL “president” who will want to set me straight and then doesn’t follow through on anything after I call him out.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser – who doesn’t buy the bullshit


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