Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Five Factors That Effect Scouting

All player want to be scouted.  All player want to get to the highest level possible for themself.  This is true at every level for the serious hockey player.

Most player and parent only think of the “league” they play in as the biggest factor that effect the scouting.  This is not the only factor and is just one important factor for the scout.

These are the factor that directly effect scouting;

1.  League And Level Of Play.

The higher the level league and higher level of play, the more scouts will come.  That is simple.  Scout will always make time and room in the budget to make sure he get to watch the quality players.  If you in bad league, no one coming.

2.  Geography.

Scouting department and coaches have limited scouting budgets.  If you play on a team that is out of the geography for scouts, you will not likely be seen unless you play within the scouts geography at some point.  As the example, why would scout go to New Mexico when he can go to Michigan, Ontario, or any other major hockey centre?  New Mexico is very limited in number of players, no high level teams, and expensive to get to.  Other major hockey centre’s have abundance of high level players, high level teams and easy to get to.

Do not discount how important geography is to the scouting process.  If you are located closer to hockey “hotbed” where more scout work, you will be seen more no matter what level you play at.

3.  People.

Do you have the right people helping you?  Mean is the team actually spending time trying to get the scouts to watch you?  How can you be sure?  Do the team have the history of moving player to higher levels?  How recent is that history?  If it was ten year ago, and not last year, it do not matter what the history is.

4.  Team Marketing.

If you team have no real marketing plan other than the team website, no one will come scout.  If the team do not work to get the scout out, and once they arrive make the scout feel welcome, no one will come scout.  Marketing is not just design to sell players on the team, or ticket to fan, it is design to sell scout on the team as a professional organization.  Even worse is when the website is so bad you cant find information or it load slow.

5.  Attitude.

You attitude directly effect you altitude.  This is true for player, team and league.  If one do not have the right attitude, scout will not come.  If scout not greeted and provided information, scout leave.  If scout not appreciated, scout leave.  If player, team, or league do not make the scout feel important the scout leave.

It is important to remember, that every scout no matter where they are from or what organization they with, will be a factor in your future.  If you do not respect the position, regardless of whether you like the person, you could easy be ending you career before it even start.


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