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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Good Coach Bad Coach

To be sure, we all have seen the “good coach” and the “bad coach”.  They do exist, it is not simply parents bitching about their childs playing time.  Although there are plenty of parent that only complain, there are many coach that are either “good” or “bad”.

So what is the difference?  How do you know?

One sign of the “bad coach” is a high roster turnover.  If the team is constantly going through players without making the improvements in the results, it is a sign that the coach do not know what he is doing with his roster.  Do the research.  Unless the team is having the many injuries, the high roster turnover is not the good sign.

Unfortunately some parent reads this and says high roster turnover is an opportunity for my player to be seen or moved up.  This also go back to parent who need to stay out of their child hockey decision.

The “good coach” will have limited roster turn over.  He will always have player wanting to come back, and usually he will have winning results because of consistency in the roster and good team morale.  These are usually the hardest teams to make and usually have the largest camps because that’s where players want to play.

The “good coach” is the teacher of the game.  He put developing the player before the wins and losses.

The “bad coach” is only concerned with the wins and losses because he is concerned for his job.  Little do he know that if he was doing the developing the right way, that the wins will always come and he will always have the job somewhere.

The “good coach” develops the system around the players he has chosen to put them in position to have success as a team and as individuals.

The “bad coach” is always trying to force players to change their game to fit his system.  If you wanted to change the player or wanted a different style of player then why do you pick this player to begin with?

The “good coach” pick players that can play first, and look to fill certain “roles” later.  The “bad coach” think he has to build his team over one night.

The “good coach” is calm under the pressure.  He is the leader who only blow his top when he has to protect or motivate his team.

The “bad coach” is the lunatic on the bench.  Oh yes, we all have seen him and many have played for him.  He is actually very comical because he do not know how stupid he look when yelling his head off all the time.  If you chuckle to yourself just then you know this “bad coach”.

To be a coach is to be a teacher.  To lead by example and help all player reach their highest level of achievement.  It is the responsibility that not many can handle.  It is a very important job as to coach is to held young men grow up to be men.

Does it not make sense that when looking for the team, you look for the “good coach”, the good learning environment regardless of what league the team is in?


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