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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – High Maintenance Players And Parents

I apologize for my absence these last few week.  I have been out scouting the Midget and Junior showcases as we prepare for the great free to play expansion of 2017.  This is something we are very excited about, as you should be too.

But do not get too excited if you are the “High Maintenance” player or parent.

The Coach of today is not only the person directing the bench on the team, but he is the psychologist of the new age, or “high maintenance” players.  I know the coaches that are reading this today just had a little laugh to themselves, yes?

Coaches do not like to deal with the “high maintenance player”  In general that kind of player is seen as a pain in the ass, and unless he is critical to the success of the team no coaches want that kind of player.

“High maintenance” does not mean the coach do not want the player who asks for direction, or for extra individual attention to become better player.  These are good things for the player.  It is good to ask the questions of what you need to do to improve as a player and earn more ice time.  It is good for the player to communicate with all coaching staff.

What coaches see as “high maintenance” is the player that sulks, or complains about ice time without asking what he needs to do to improve.  It is the player who thinks he is better than his team mates.  It is the ego player who thinks he deserves better without having to work for it.  You all know this player, you might even be this player.

The “high maintenance” player is the one who mumbles when he is corrected, or rolls his eyes.  It is the player who breaks his stick in a tantrum over his own stupid play.  It is the player who always asks about “me” or “I” and never asks about “we”, “us” or “team”.  It is the player always looking for the greener pastures, and not realizing that the pasture he is in is pretty green if he only open his eyes.

These “high maintenance” player usually come with the “high maintenance” parents.  We all know who they are too.

These “high maintenance” parent only see that their son is the best.  He shuld be on better team.  They always have the excuse that the coach, team, or organization is the problem.  Someone has always screwed them over in the tryout session, or some parent “paid for a spot” on the team their son should have made.  It is always the excuse, and never the real understanding of how things work.

Years ago, player do what they are told, and learn.  The progress and develop as player and as young man.  They prepare in a way as to help the team and know that they will get their shot when they are ready.

Today, player in too much of hurry.  Instant satisfaction is wanted.  Development is always the rush and people do not prepare properly.

What “high maintenance” player and parent forget is that the development has never and will never change.  When it is time for opportunity it will be given to you.  When you have earned it it will be much sweeter when the success comes.

It is no different than life.  You can not just walk into a bank and take out a million dollars without first earning it.

The complaining, and excuse making will not make anyting happen for you more quickly.  If anything, it will keep you from becoming the player you could become.  “High maintenance” is not a phrase you want to describe who you are.  No one wants the “high maintenance” car because it cost too much to keep up.  It is no different with the “high maintenance” player.


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