Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Important Decisions

To be sure, we make decisions every day.  What to wear, what to eat, what to do with the free time.  Some decision are more important than other, and some we don’t really have to think about.

When it come to the game though, you are finding I am sure that there are no unimportant decision.

Every day, the game become just a little harder on and off the ice.  Every day, thing become just a little more complicated the higher the level you go.  It is the same in life, and the same in the corporate world.

This is why every decision must be thought about.  Every decision must be carefully examine.  Too often we say or do thing out of anger or frustration in the game.  Do not allow what happen on the ice to carry over into you decision making off the ice.  A bad day at practice or a bad game do not mean you need to request the trade.

There are many of you over the next few week and months that will have important decisions to make.  Many trades will take place before the trade deadlines.  It is an uncomfortable thing for all people involved.  It is important though that all sit back and make good decision regarding the trade and how it effect the teams and the players.

Some of you may be released from the team.  It is important to think about you next move carefully and not simply jump at first offer.  If you have made it this far in the season, you will have more than one option.

If you are player looking to make the move up, or moving on to the college next year, take you time.  A move up is not good if you not in position to succeed.  Moving up just to move up is nothing more then you trying to rush development.  Picking the college is really picking the girl you will date for the next 4 year, you want to make sure you pick the right one for those 4 year.

Taking the time to make the right decision is critical.  Do not always be in such the hurry.  Making good decision that effect the future is more complicated than picking the red socks or black socks to wear.

Be deliberate in the way you think and you will be more happy with you decision more often.


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