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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Parents And Players, Why Are You In Such A Hurry?

So much time spent as a player.  The practice, the games, the watching of other games of your hockey idols as you grow up.  How much time do you really put into becoming the player that you hope to be?  The day dreams, the time in the gym, the talking to friends and team mates about goals and dreams?

As players, we spend a lot of time on these things, but some of you are too eager to get to the top and you forget to take advantage of all events.  You forget to enjoy the journey.

The first and most important is the game should always fun. After all, it is still just a game at the end.

The hard work you put in is not always fun, and it is not always supposed to be.  Work is after all called work for a reason.  With that work though, you are able to enjoy the competition more, and that is what competitors strive for.

You all talk the talk but you not walk the walk.  You say you willing to pay you dues and take the time, but you not.  Most of you full of you know what.

So why do so many of you young players in such a hurry?

If you are a 17 year old player and think you are as good as a 19 year old, do you really think a team is going to take you over the older, more experienced, more physically mature player?  Teams build reputations on moving players up.  Teams also know that the older player has less time to move up, so of course they will almost always pick the older player to help him get his chance.  That player has too waited his turn.

It is natural to become frustrated with the process as a younger player.  It is also disrespectful to the system and tradition to think that you are above it and that the rules should be changed to accommodate your impatience.

If you were an exceptional player the rules would change.  You are not the Crosby or you would not be reading this article.

What is so wrong in being the best player you can be at the highest level you are “meant to be” at right now?  As my friend says it is always better to be a star in one level of hockey than to be a role player in the next level up.  He says some big fish and pond cliche’, but I say it better my way.

Players, be humble, be grateful, be understanding and be patient.  Your hard work will pay off when it is your time.  Do not rush the development time.  Do not rush the climbing of levels.  When it is your time, it will happen.  For now, enjoy the game, it is after all the greatest game in the world.

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