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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Recruiting

Recruit players for free agents junior hockey team can be a complex thing for players and parents. There is much misinformation and bad advice for many people is available today.

Some people hear what they hear and not what is really like.

If you’re a free agent players, there are important things to remember. They have not been drafted for a reason. Maybe from a small program, maybe a few things missing in your game, but there’s a reason. Players that have been drafted by the team will have the benefit of the doubt before training camp undrafted player. This is how the world works. Knowing where you are is suitable throughout the tryout process is the key to knowledge your chances of making a team

If a player talks to a coach or scout must listen carefully about what the coach or scout are really saying. If you ask the question: “Do I Become a top 6 minutes player?,” and the coach says, and you are will, it is likely that the coach is not entirely honest. If the coach said: “I hope you will be competing for top 6 minutes.” Coach said he wanted to see what they do with current players, and you might have a chance to compete for those top minutes of the highest level. The coach in this situation do not say you will for sure get top six minutes. Unfortunately, some people do not hear what was really said in that case.

Players and parents must be realistic. Too often blame the coaches when a player doesnt make team.  Unless you completely dominte this returning players you will not likely beat the returning player.

Knowing where he should go into the general picture is also important. If you are a player of 15 or 16 years, you must be a dominating player to make the team. You must remember that coaches have player or on their team who are older and have much less time to move univertsity professional hockey . These players are a priority, and even waited for their turn to get there. You now need to wait your turn.

Do not be in a hurry.

You can not try to rush development. You can not try to rush development. It is always best, to be the best player in your league than to be as third line player in the next league up. If you dominate, you will make it.

Do not believe the rumors.

Unless you say recruited by a coach, scout team, or an agent / advisor you a specific camp you will probably not much. On a chance visit to a team Other parents say that some teams can be searched almost always wrong when they work in the business.

If the e-mail of a team with a coach cell phone number, it is very likely that a general email that get a lot of players.

Recruitment is a complicated affair. There are some teams that recruit well. Some teams will be honest and say that you will not make a team coming to camp. Some teams will say that you get to experience and so that they can lead you to think for next season. These jobs are the teams you want. It is always best to know how difficult it will be to go to a team thought to test a number of vacancies. It is always better to accept that you have to beat a player for a place in the current team rather than think you will earn a shot at vacancies.

Take responsibility.

If you have a team camp, 200 players had cose and you do not do it, do not blame the coach. You chose the camp that is a big money maker. If your neighbors believe in a team camp to discover later were no spots open for your desired position, you have made a choice.

Recruitment is based on knowledge and understanding. Teams can not be held responsible for a bad choice for you made on misinformation. Therefore, it is always best to work directly with a person or organization with ties to the organization. The emphasis on the potential to save wasting time on the impossible.

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