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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – So You Want To Move Up?

To be sure, every player, every coach and anyone involved in the game of hockey want to move up to the highest level possible.

There is effort that help make it possible.  Effort in training and competition.  Effort in education, and effort in politics of the game.

So many time last season I hear the player at not the top levels complaining they do not get the opportunity to move up.  It is nothing more than a little baby whining that they do not get their way.  Stop you whining!

You get the chance to move up when you earn it.

When you constantly talking to you team mate about moving up during the season, it get back to the coach all the time.  Know what the coach think when he hear it?  He think the player not focused on where he is currently at, and if he not focused on the “now” how can he be focused on the “now” if he move up.

Coach wonder will this player always be looking for the greener pasture?  What would the player become if he was not distracted by what other player do or receive?  What would player be like and accomplish if he stop listening to mommy and daddy complain that he should be at next level up?

Because some of you do this every year, it do not matter how good you are.  No one want this player on the team at higher level.  Read that again and memorize it!  No one want the self entitled spoiled little brat who think he deserve more than he has.

You really want the next level?

Keep you mouth shut and you ears open.  Stop talking to player and parents about what is next.  Stop comparing youself and where you play now with someone you played with last year or when you were pee wee.  Stop asking coach for call up.

If you have no plan for you future as a player, you go no where.  If you not know how to play politics, you go no where.  Let this be you most important politic lesson.

Perform.  Compete.  Develop.  Do more than is required.  Do more than everyone else.  Then, maybe you will earn it.


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