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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Special Report – Parents Out Of Control

In the last few week I have written about how player and parent can ruin their career or any potential for their career simply by talking too much.

Recently though more and more example of how parent are out of their minds with hockey and their children keep coming to the light of day.  It is maddening to think that parent can be assaulting Coaches and other player these day.  It is sickening and a disrespect to the game, the Coaches, the players and the traditions we hold so close to our heart.

In the past TJHN has pointed out instance where parent have lost the mind.  Today, most recent two instances.

In Buffalo New York, during a High School Prep game last month, a goaltender was pulled from the game.  It happen all the time no?  Sometime the goalie not playing so well and it is best to pull him to make sure confidence is not hurt long term.

So, father show up at the game drunk, that a good place to start for sure.  Father see son get pulled and go after coach verbally and then physically assault coach.  The police show up, arrest father and now he face assault charges.  Coach has broken bone, and the player have to deal with the embarrassment of the stupid parent.  Sound like a recipe for long term success?  Of course everyone going to want to look at that player now and not want to deal with parent no matter how good the player may be.  Career over.

In Springfield Massachusetts, another parent two player get into a scuffle during another High School game.  It happen in the game does it not?  One player is told to leave ice as the referee makes the ruling it should be so.  Proper game management yes?

Of course though crazy parent have to get involved because they can not control emotion and probably live vicariously through the player.

What happen after the player leave the ice?  The parents confront him verbally and then hit him!  Great example to set for the player for sure that if he use violence illegally on the ice that he can expect to be assaulted off the ice.  Interesting theory no?

The player have to be removed from the arena on the stretcher with a concussion and an arm injury!

Do any of this make sense?  Do parent really not understand that not every player is good enough to go to higher level?  Or are parent so concerned with bragging right of success that they have lost mental capacity?

If you are this type of parent, a word to the wise…..don’t come to the rink, the game do not need you.


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