Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Stupid And Dangerous Players

Yes of course, we have all seen the stupid and dangerous player.  Many time it is often the same player that is both stupid and dangerous.  No matter what is to be said, you can almost never fix this player.

I am not talking about the fighter in this case.  The fighter is being phased out of the game at every level, and teams are now knowing that this one-dimensional fighter can no longer be a part of the game.

We are talking about the stupid player who can not be taught how to hit properly.  The dangerous player who because of a lack of self-control may injure himself and trys to injure other player.  We all see him and we all know who he is, but many are afraid to say something because he may be a nice kid off the ice, or you may know his parents.

What can be said about the player who constantly hits to the head?  What can be said about the slewfoot?  Or the constant hit from behind?  Most recently it has become the stupid and dangerous player trick to go for the knee to knee hit.

It is this player that we must remove from the game.

We are seeing too many of the good player hurt by this player who should not belong in the game.  I will not point the finger and name the players that I see do this regular basis, because I am not the hockey police.  The hockey police is the coaches, the commissioners, and the referee’s who must take control of the situation.

To be sure the NHL now look to clean the game up and remove these player from the league now.  It is time for all league to make the same effort in the junior game.  If the control is taken now to keep these players off the ice, the game will become better and safer for all.

The coaches, the referee’s and the leagues must take a stand on these players.  Even if penalty is not called, video should be enough to remove a player in the future.  Coaches must be able to bench their own player, and not be afraid of repercussions from owners.  If the coach do not do something to his own stupid player, how will you feel when other team retaliate on your skilled player with their stupid player?

To stand with blind eye on this behavior is to condone it.  To condone this behavior is a danger to the game.


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