Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The Effects Of Cheating

To be sure, everyone is guilty of “cheating” at one time or another.  Whether in sport, or in other aspect in life, human nature sometime take over and people lose control of rational thought and they do something to cheat.

Some people cheat on the test, some cheat on they spouse, and some cheat the game.  No matter who you cheat though, or think you cheating, you really only cheating youself.

I am reading so much about the drug use and steroid use in sport these day, and hearing so much from other people that it is frightening.

Many year ago, alcohol was the drug of the hockey player.  It was used to celebrate, to drown the sorrow, and to ease some physical or mental pain of many player.

Today though alcohol is still used, it is the hard drug that is becoming more popular in the game.  The public arrests and court dates of some player are available for everyone to read.  Steroid, cocaine, and other stimulant are now a popular thing it seem.

Recently CTV do a report on the major steroid dealer who admit he provide steroid to hockey player among other people.  The report also include statement about how some player had warning on the testing schedule and how they could avoid it.

We have all seen the player who cheat in practice skating drill who think because he cheat in one part that he accomplish something when “winning” the drill.  This happen almost every day in every practice.  It is so common, many people just accept it.

But cheating with the drug use is cheating the game, and putting you life in danger.

The effect of drug use is long term.  Even a short use of steroid or other drug can damage you heart, brain and other organ for life.

Unfortunately though, many turn the blind eye when they know it happening because it give the player a competitive edge, and he help the team.

What is a young person to do when they see others get away with it?  What is another person to do when he see the person using is the one getting more ice time?  It is that kind of pressure that perpetuate more usage of the illegal substance.

Some may say that it is the player body, and he is responsible for it.  Some may say “its only cheating if you get caught”.

I say though that cheating is cheating no matter if you caught or not.  Cheating to get ahead is simply cheating youself and delaying the inevitable.  If you get caught, you career is over.  And if you need to cheat now, you career will be over soon anyway.  Why risk you life for a short term competitive advantage?

If you know someone who cheat, do them and youself a favor and turn them in.  If you know about it, you guilty too.  Keep the game clean, and you conscience clean as well.


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