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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Unethical Recruiting In Pay To Play

It is coming to be all to regular of occurrence in pay to play Tier III United States and Canada Junior A level.  The lieing in recruiting, the misleading statements and the negative recruiting against team even in the same league.

What is bothersome is some of the recruiting tactic being used by some of these team.  Some tactic are misleading, and some are complete dishonest.

I recently hear of Tier III team calling player and saying they were scout for Tier II team and they want the player to come to camp.  But they not say that camp is actually main camp for expansion Tier III team.  This is simple dishonesty and is unethical practice.

I also recent hear of Junior A team recruiting player for main camp and not telling player they likely get sent to Junior B team that the A team has relationship with. They simply call it a trade after contract is signed and few games played when coach says player “not ready” or “doesn’t fit in” so send to Junior B for “seasoning”.  This is unethical.

I hear the team talking bad about the other team in the league in order to get the player to commit to his team.  Do you not know that if you competition look bad so do you?

I hear of many team now having player report to “main camp” and only ten player at camp!  How do team think player going to feel when he see ten player on the ice?  How do they think parent going to feel about spending the time and money to attend the camp where team is likely to fold or not be competitive?

Recruiting should be and in most case is a very honest interview process with the team and player interviewing each other to see if there is the fit.  This is the process that the best teams go through each year, and is the process that results in those team always having full roster and always be able to compete.

Player and parent have no one to blame but themselves though.  If you do not ask the questions need to be asked then it is just as much you fault you have the bad experience or waste the money.

If you so desperate to play junior hockey, to be sure there are enough desperate team that will take you money.  But you need to remember that desperate people do desperate things.  Those desperate action usually do not end up in successful result.


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