Coronavirus – Immediate Impact On All Recruiting

This time of year, everyone is usually thinking about next year. Even the Coronavirus pandemic can not change that. But it has had an immediate impact on all levels of recruiting.

NCAA recruiting has slowed to a crawl. USHL recruiting took a huge blow with the cancellation of AAA finals and the potential cancellation of Combines in April in Chicago.

Hockey Canada at all levels is basically frozen. The NAHL and NCDC are still doing some recruiting. The top Tier III programs are also recruiting.

But recruiting has changed with the Coronavirus. Recruiting is now being done based upon past viewing of players, and on line information.

Until teams can get back out and physically watch players and talk to players, everything is being done by phone and on line.

Now, more than ever it is critical to have a player branding package. A detailed profile and information for recruiters to look at.

It is also equally important to have a vehicle in which to ensure your information is getting into the hands of scouts.

Are you prepared for the new recruiting season in a totally new recruiting environment, or are you waiting for camp season to open?

Smart recruiters have already begun calling me. Smart players are already putting their plans together.

Develop a plan and implement it. It is more important than ever. If you don’t have a plan, isn’t it time you did?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser