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Coronavirus – Preparing For Next Season – Training

If you’re like me, you woke up one morning to find your gym was closed because of the Coronavirus.

If you’re also like me, you don’t have a complete gym in your house or apartment. So, its time to get creative in order to stay in shape and be ready for this pandemic to end.

Along with nutrition, you need to be training. Running if possible will definitely help keep your lungs in shape. 5 K runs are always good for general conditioning.

Interval running is also a great way to simulate on ice and off ice times. Run hard for 25 seconds, walk for two minutes and repeat. This is great for the legs and you can easily simulate 20 minutes of ice time in this way. It will also help kill off a lot of time being bored.

Plyometrics can be added to the routine. Box jumping, is great to develop explosive power. If you have the time, tools, and some lumber, building a Russian Box is a great power skating simulator you can build at home.

Simple push-ups, dips, wall squats, walking squats and other individual isolation exercises are also good. They change things up from what most do in the gym and work on those supporting muscles outside of the main target muscle groups as well.

If you don’t have weights, water and filling two liter bottles is a great way to add some resistance to the routine.

Doing a multitude of these things daily, will keep you in shape. It will keep you focused on the future. It will also kill a lot of the time we all have on our hands now.

This will end in a few weeks or so depending on where you are located, and things will begin to go back to normal. Be ready, because with a shortened tryout and camp season, those who are prepared will have the most opportunity.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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