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Criminal Sexual Conduct Investigation For USHL Players

TJHN has written several stories over the years regarding a deviant sexual subculture that exists within hockey and among all sports in general.  As a publication we have called for an end to such actions, the addition for controls on behavior off the ice, and education for all athletes that would look to decrease or eliminate this type of behavior.

To few, much is given.

The athlete in todays culture is glorified and put upon a pedestal.  Right or wrong, it is simply how todays world works.  Unfortunately that also allows for some to have a sense of entitlement in that they should be able to do anything they want, with or too anyone they want.

Far too often that type of mentality and attitude results in someone being hurt, physically, mentally and emotionally.  In some instances that hurt follows them the rest of their lives.

Yesterday KFGO- Jim Monk broke the following story http://kfgo.com/news/articles/2014/apr/07/nebraska-hockey-players-targeted-in-moorhead-sex-investigation/

One has to ask, guilty or not, what are people thinking in these types of situations?  One also has to ask, how could something like this be alleged to have happened on a road game when player movement controls are supposed to be in place.

While no arrests have been made, allegations have been made and there is an ongoing investigation.  Simply based on the fact that there is enough for the police to initiate and investigation, it is clear that some type of activity that was not monitored took place.

The fact that the allegation comes from the parent of a 15 year old girl, has to make one think that clearly something is wrong if a 15 year old girl is having access to athletes while they are on the road.  This type of access to players if it did happen was something that had to have been planned.

With cell phones seized as evidence and allegations of a video being made during the course of the alleged events, everyone should be thinking about how we are using media, and the long lasting effects of choices made to use that media.

Clearly there will be more to this story, but while we wait for more, isn’t it time more was done in the form of education that would prevent these types of stories from becoming so common?

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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