Coronavirus – Preparing For Next Season – Your On Line Profile

With the Coronavirus, change has come, and come quickly. Most everyone was not prepared for this life changing event. That includes scouts and recruiters.

Today, more than ever, its important to have a complete player profile on line. A complete profile with video, statistics, references and all educational information.

Why? Nearly all recruiting taking place now is being done on the internet and it will continue to be this way for quite some time.

The Central Scouting Services Player Database is FREE for Players. It is designed by scouts and gives you everything you need to get noticed.

Every day, more players register their profiles, and more scouts sign up to use the searchable database. Every day, thousands of players are updating their profiles.

The CSS Player Database is also the only way to be featured here on TJHN. Every day a player profile is featured. There is no better way to gain exposure than through this program.

The CSS Player Database allows you to upload video, photos, PDF documents of education records, and stores it all for free. Coaches and scouts can then see the whole picture of a prospect, and contact him directly.

Make sure your profile is complete. An incomplete profile tells scouts you don’t care enough about doing the work correctly. Do you think they want someone on their team who doesn’t pay attention to details or complete tasks?

Its time to get smart and take advantage of the tools that are available to you. Time to stop wasting time sending emails that are never answered, and simply put a package together with the information scouts want in the way they want it.

If you aren’t getting your information in the hands of decision makers, you will likely be left with fewer opportunities when this crisis ends. With time on your hands, its smart to make the most of it.