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COVID – The Importance Of Testing

I try to practice what I preach most days. Like everyone else sometimes I simply cant get it done. When it comes to health though, there is simply no excuse for not getting it done.

As athletes, we all understand the importance of eating right and going to the gym. Habits that carry us through life and remain with me into my 50’s.

In todays world, there is absolutely no excuse and no reason why everyone should not be tested for COVID-19.

Since I work with players, scouts, coaches and team personnel all over the world I decided to get the COVID-19 testing done. Not that I felt sick or that I thought I had been exposed, but for everyone’s peace of mind.

The photo on this article is my actual negative result test for COVID-19.

The test itself takes a little blood, and about fifteen minutes of time. Simple, and safe. It cost about $30.00. So I will get one every few weeks just to be sure for myself, and so everyone that I work with can feel safe as well.

I highly recommend that everyone do the same. Yes, it costs money and it takes a little time. But the more we are tested, and can share those results with people around us, the more confident we will become in how we are taking care of protecting ourselves.

If you get a positive test result, it is not the end of the world. You may be A-symptomatic, or you hay have already had it, this test gives all three results.

Do yourself and everyone around you the courtesy of letting them know they are healthy and so are you. This will calm everyone, and maybe we can all begin to reduce the panic that seems to have gripped the world by taking responsibility for ourselves.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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