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The Death Pool – GMHL West Shit Show Rosetown Coach/GM Abandons Sinking Ship

Yeah, its Friday, I know. Usually I take Fridays off and watch games all day on line. But today, I got a nice little tip concerning the GMHL West shit show.

Kevin McClelland, long time coach in many leagues, and former NHL player, has jumped off the sinking ship of the GMHL West Rosetown Red Wings.

McClelland has joined the staff of the Portage College Voyageurs. A legit coaching opportunity for the former Stanley Cup Champion.

The Rosetown Red Wings, rumored to have less than a half dozen players at this point look to be, ummmmmm what’s the word? Oh yeah, they look to be DONE!

Like it wasn’t expected? Seriously. This whole operation from top to bottom has been underfunded, and poorly executed by amateurs who have no business operating an ice cream stand let alone hockey teams.

Meanwhile, the rest of the GMHL West looks like they are about to implode after withdrawing other “legal challenges” last week.

Stick around everyone. We got reports of teams folding and Monday should be another great day to start a very busy week!

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