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Craig Wyszomirski Former Providence Player Speaks Out

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Craig Wyszomirski former Providence Player Speaks Out May 22, 2012 7:33 AM

Last week TJHN wrote about three players leaving Providence under some unusual circumstances. I spoke with Andrew Wyszomirski (Craigs Father) yeasterday and gained more information.

Craig was recruited in my junior year at Gunnery Prep in February of 2010 by PC Head Coach Tim Army. When Craig got the offer from Coach Army, his dad asked him if he wanted Craig to play a year of juniors in the USHL or EJHL before he came in. Coach Army said he wanted Craig to come right in after he graduated Prep school. He felt confident that he would be more than ready to play right out of prep.

Coach Army was let go right after Craig’s senior year, but Craig felt that he would always be steadfast and keep his commitment to Providence regardless of who was coach. This and Coach Army not recommending further development was Craig Wyszomirskis’s undoing.

Enter new Head Coach Leaman. Leaman brought all of the freshman players in late last June to take some Summer courses and get familiar with each other and the school. Craig left for Providence the day after not being drafted by a NHL team despite being rated near the top 100. Coach Leaman said it was beacuse of lack of exposure and seasoning that Craig was not drafted, both of which he would get at Providence.

As the season wore on, and Craig was not getting into any games under Leaman. Craig instead concentrated on improving his game at practice and supporting the team. Craig thought once he got through his freshman year it would be his turn to get into the line up and stay there. Craig only got into 4 games.

At the end of the season Coach Leaman told Craig that he didn’t see him as a scholarshipped D-1 athelete and that he was taking Craig’s scholarship away for the balance of his time at Providence.

However Coach Leaman did outline for Craig, where he saw him over my next three years on the Providence Hockey Team and that he wanted Craig to stay on. Coach expressed that Craig was a good player who still needed to develop and was someone who well represented Providence College and the Hockey Team.

So a 1992 DOB player now re-enters the Junior pool of players after spending a year at the NCAA level. A year of NCAA training, maturing, and learning that should be very attractive to any USHL team. A physical defenseman who could go back to NCAA D-1 after a solid USHL season.

As TJHN has reported many times, when players are not being provided proper advice these are the unfortunate results. Coach Army should have never tried to force Wyszomirski to play when having two years of Junior eligibility left. Coach Leaman should have never allowed this to happen either.

Compounding the problem, Leaman needs to know that pulling a scholarship is not something most coaches do to a player they allegedly like. When talking about student – athletes, they are called students first for a reason. Yank a scholarship after a players NCAA clock has started to run, or work with him and remain commited to him? Which is the honorable decision?

TJHN certainly hopes to see Craig Wyszomirski on a USHL sheet of ice this season, and we hope to be watching him visit Providence in the 2013-2014 season and being as physical as needed when facing his old team.

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