CSS Camp Krakow Poland A Great Success

Great success stories usually begin with group efforts. Central Scouting Services spring camp in Krakow Poland was a success because of multiple groups coming together to make hockey development fun and exciting.

Can Pack and Comarch two of the largest brands in Poland and Central Europe came together to bring CSS Staff to Krakow for 6 days of development and training for the young players in Krakow. Covering all expenses to bring the best available training and development models from North America was no small undertaking, and CSS gives a great Thank You to those involved.

Learning can be fun. Structure is something that the players understand when its communicated to them in a way they understand.

All of the Krakow area youth hockey players and junior players attended skill and skating development camp Monday through Saturday. Also in attendance were Krakow Coaches who assisted in the training and development while getting basic information on the American Development Model.

“It was a great camp. We had a lot of fun and so did the players.” Said Jason Nyhof United States Performance Testing Director “There is a lot of untapped and underdeveloped talent in Poland, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with all of these players and Coaches.”

Alec Kowalczyk a Froward for the USPHL Premier Decatur Blaze was on hand as a CSS Intern. Fluent in Polish, Alec and Przemek Pakosz CSS Europe Director helped bridge any small language barriers that were encountered.

“I had a blast. It was so much fun. Krakow is a great city, and the people here were just so welcoming and supportive that it made things easier.” Said Kowalczyk

“The players and Coaches received many educational materials on and off the ice.” Said Przemek Pakosz “Everything was presented in English and Polish, and we took great care to make sure that everyone had fun while learning.”

At the conclusion of camp the Polish traditional blessing of Easter baskets took place on the ice for all hockey families, and the holiday has begun.

CSS would like to thank everyone involved in this weeks camp. Especially our sponsors, the Coaches, Players and Parents. We look forward to coming back soon.