CSS Hockey Academy Guarantees

Guaranteed Advancement…Scouting …Development

CSS Hockey Academy guarantees that every player will go directly to a Tier I or Tier II Main Camp following the 2019-2020 season if they are not drafted or tendered. Because we have these relationships with higher level teams, we can guarantee no players will spend time and money on open or pre-draft camps.

CSS Hockey Academy guarantees scouting from Professional teams, NCAA programs, and top level Junior teams from around the world. We can do this because of the events we will play in, and relationships we have developed with scouts around the world at all levels of hockey.

The CSS Hockey Academy offers a training and development model designed after the USA National Team. The same program that just lead the NHL draft in picks this year. There are few programs in the world that can match the training facilities and amenities of CSS Hockey Academy, and none can match the development model.

CSS Academy Players will also be the only players to have exclusive publication of their profiles in feature articles on The Junior Hockey News. The worlds most read daily junior hockey publication. No other program can offer this.

A 60 game minimum schedule playing in 10 countries while still getting all of the scouting advantages offered in three showcase events in the United States. CSS Hockey Academy offers the pinnacle of exposure and development.

No more than two players to a room. All internet for school and recreation provided. All meals provided. All Europe transportation by plane, train or coach bus. Dedicated dressing room. Dedicated team trainer. On Site Weight Lifting Facility. On Site Cardio Equipment. Meal Planning. Fitness Planning With Reports Available To Parents. Bi-weekly Performance Testing With Results Available to Parents And Scouts. International Experience Sought By The NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC and Major Junior Guaranteed Scouting By NCAA, Junior And Professional Teams. Cultural And Educational Experiences Unmated By Any Program In The World

Did you know that NCAA Admissions Offices see students that have spent a year living in Europe to be better candidates for enrolment?

Learn a foreign language. Learn about art, culture and history.

Live in an 800 year old castle in the Beskids Mountains.

Ski, snowboard, hike, snowshoe, fish, and explore Central Europe.

All while receiving the best hockey training available in the world.

When making the decision on where to play this year, don’t continue to do what you have always done, when it does not give you the results you are looking for.

Make the choice to take your development seriously. Make the choice to take control of your career and stop listening to coaches who cant offer the amenities required to truly advance yourself. Make the choice to follow the path that is proven to work, and not those paths that rely upon chance.

CSS Hockey Academy is the right choice when compared it to the others.

Visit the CSS Hockey Academy website for more information and give your career the boost you are looking for. http://cssacademy.pl