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Denver University Pre Draft Combine Begins Today – Niagara University Next Weekend

The Pre Draft Combine series begins today at Denver University, home of the National Champion Pioneers.

“We are very excited to return to DU.  Its a great facility in one of hockey’s best development regions.”  Said Neil Liston  “With our new testing equipment and protocols, players are now going to receive much more than a speed test that other programs provide.  These young men will go home with tools and information that will directly impact their careers.”

Dan Woodley of Central Scouting Services commented;

“This is simply the best way for players to get educated.  Not just on how to become a better athlete, but on how to plan for their futures.  It is a must attend for every player who wants to elevate themselves beyond where they currently reside as a player.”

The Pre Draft Combine is the original, while others may say they offer testing, or “combine style” events, they are not Pre Draft Combine level events.  Do not be fooled by imitations.

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