Everyone Said The CHLPA Wasnt Real Too……

In August of 2012, when TJHN broke the story of the Canadian Hockey League Players Association forming, everyone in Canada said it couldn’t be true.

Until it was.

Eight years later, everyone in Canada now want’s to say my reporting on what is being told to me by Coaches, Scouts, and other team staff throughout Canada is also not true.

The information I have been receiving on Canadian Junior Hockey and the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has been coming in for weeks. Not one day, but weeks from multiple sources.

I sat on the information until it was actually given to a few players who also contacted me regarding their status after they were informed by one team they will not be billeting this year, and another was told that the contract offer was now off the table.

These players were told in phone conversations that because Hockey Canada had informed teams to not expect to have access to American players, that they should explore other options.

That information matches what has been told to me by team staff.

The CHLPA was a nightmare in how it was executed. But it was founded on really good ideas and in the spirit of protecting players rights.

It was just last week that the Canadian Hockey League settled a class action lawsuit regarding players minimum wage claims, a movement started by the CHLPA. Something again all Canadian people said would never happen.

Until it happened.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser