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Fight In Tewksbury Includes Parents On And Off The Ice – Both Teams Suspended For The Year

This is one hell of a video. And it is one hell of a story, but not one that should surprise any of us in todays age of self entitled kids, and helicopter parents. But watch the report for yourself.

The Boston Junior Bruins youth team and the New England Knights youth teams are now suspended for the rest of the year. Player suspensions can go into next season as well depending on the findings of Mass Hockey and USA Hockey.

Is any of this really a surprise though? I cant even count how many times I have seen parents on the verge of erupting into violence when bad calls are made or when their child receives a big hit.

Coaches at many levels too do not have control of their emotions, and do not control their benches. Teams take on the character of their leaders, and if the coach is calm and controlled, players usually are as well.

Hockey is an emotional game. Very emotional for players in the middle of a contest. Parents though? Some things have clearly gone too far. When adult men are fighting at a children’s hockey game, what message are we sending by that example?

When adults get involved and go on to the ice who have no reason or right to be on the ice we have clear examples of people who think they are entitled to take action when they clearly are not.

Now children’s seasons have ended, and criminal charges will likely be coming for at least a few people. And what will be learned from this? Probably nothing.

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