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GOJHL Appeal Update

It was only four days ago that the GOJHL announced it would be appealing the OHA decision to not allow Junior A status. GOJHL Appealing Decision To Ontario Hockey Federation – Allegations Of Collusion Possible

While every team in the league supports the appeal, the Stratford Cullitons made it clear yesterday that they do not agree with the approach being taken by the Transition Team regarding the appeal to the Ontario Hockey Federation.

This week the Cullitons notified the OHA and Transition Team chair Joe Machado that the Transition Team “no longer represent or speak on behalf of the Stratford Culliton Hockey Club.”

Speaking to the local press;

“Confrontation is not something we’re going to take part in, nor will we take part in litigation,” Cullitons’ president Dan Mathieson said Wednesday night. “The Cullitons organization stands with its GOJHL partners, but we’re not going to get into a long, protracted, acrimonious relationship with the OHA. It’s not our nature and never has been.”

The OHA has responded to the GOJHL appeal saying that they are willing to sit down and discuss the matter with GOJHL officials if the threat of litigation is no longer on the table.

Speculation regarding the Transition Team’s approach is that GOJHL chairman and Midwestern Conference convener Shawn McKelvie was removed from his position this week by the OHA, as a direct result of McKelvie being a part of that Transition Team.

TJHN will update this story as more information becomes available.

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