Hockey Holdings Group Heads Back To Europe To Continue Expansion


Hockey Holdings Group Inc. is heading back to Europe for the next week to continue to work on its European expansion.

“We will be meeting with, and speaking to roughly two hundred players and parents over the weekend.”  Said Joseph Kolodziej CEO of Hockey Holdings Group Inc. “Our mission is to give these young European players and parents real information concerning opportunity in the United States.  We will talk with them about junior as well as NCAA hockey while collecting data and contact information to share with teams in North America.”

Opening an office in Krakow Poland, one of the most central locations to some of the best hockey development centers in Europe is part of Hockey Holdings Group Inc. outreach efforts to educate players and parents.

“European players and parents are interested in the opportunity available in North America.  American junior teams and Major Junior teams in Canada are interested in European players.  Our company will begin to bridge the gap between the player and club as 2018 progresses.”  Said Kolodziej

“Because we are an independent company, we have resources and opportunity that teams and leagues do not have.”  Said Hockey Holdings Group Vice President Neil Liston “Those resources can be leveraged to benefit the player looking to experience North America, as well as the teams looking for European players that do not have the resources to go and recruit them directly.”

“Our company has invested years to develop markets and relationships that teams and leagues can not, or do not have the ability to develop.  As scouts and advisers in private industry, we have more flexibility to develop the infrastructure needed to successfully recruit players to North America.”  Said Liston

Between February and April Hockey Holdings Group Inc. will scout, and meet with players from 20 different teams representing 12 different European Nations.

“We will also be developing opportunity for North American players who wish to play in Europe.  Not only are there professional opportunities for players after junior and college, but there are now junior and college opportunities for players looking for an international experience.”  Continued Liston

Look for more information on new opportunity for players in the coming weeks.