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A Hockey Mom

The 2014-15 season comes to an end and it seems like there is no break and we immediately start preparing for 2015-16 season.  How does that happen so fast?

I think we forget that the players need to be young adults.  There needs to be a time for the players to play, not hockey, but play life.     Each year I watch the season end and then watch the panic set in.   Where will I play next year, will I get invited to camps, will I move up, will I get the break I am looking for,  will I get on the team I want, will I be able to get stronger, bigger and be better next season and the list in their minds goes on and on.

How about this players, for four weeks following the end of your season, be a kid.     Let your body rest and let mom’s pocketbook rest.     There is nothing wrong with coming home after the season and taking a moment to unwind.  Go hang with your local friends, get a part time job, hit the gym one less day, and eat the pasta…..

I know it is easier said than done.   The phones start ringing from coaches, the protective lists start happening, the combines need to be attended and the players think they cannot stop for one minute or they will be left without a team for the next season.     Newsflash….you can take a moment to breathe.

Then there are the parents, who need to unwind as well.   Trying to objectively look at their son’s future, not an easy task, as we see them differently than everyone else.  You must ask the tough questions…do they have what it takes, can they really play.  Truthfully answering these questions will help you enjoy what they are doing and why they are doing it.   Then there are these questions,  do the teams, camps, and combines just want our money or my kids talent.  If my kid signs with this team, will he play or be on  the fourth line and scratched,  if we sign too early will we miss another opportunity and lose another deposit…      My answer is RESEARCH, research each coach, team, combine camp, how long have they been around, what is their objective, what is their success rate, do they move players up.  I know we want to trust everyone, but take it from this hockey mom….you cannot.  You need to surround yourself with those who tell the truth, well most of the time.  Unfortunately, we do not always make the right decisions and learn through trial and error.     This is why parents need a break too.  We need to evaluate the past season and ask hard questions and just breathe.  Then have a clear mind to discuss next season.

However, we love our kids and always see their potential.  This is why every year we reopen the wallet and let them play.  My son has been playing hockey since he is 5 yrs old.  I would do it all over again, spend the money, OK borrow the money, all over again because of the mature young adult he is becoming.  He is disciplined, independent and a team player and hockey has been a big part of making him who he is.  And that is why we continue this journey.  Rest or no rest.

Yes, please take a moment to rest, but remember, we love watching you play and grow.  We are not telling you to stop playing.  Simply asking you to stop and enjoy life for a brief moment, before the next round of chaos begins.   OK, who am I kidding, at least take a week off……

A Hockey Mom.

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