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Hockey Mom Chronicles – Safe Journeys

his time next week I will be driving across the country to drop my son (and his car) off at his team. The whole time we are driving I will be repeating to myself “I am flying home, I am flying home.” It’s a long drive. I do not even like to drive 5 hours let alone 27 hours! Yikes!

I cannot believe the summer is over (for us Hockey Moms). I said to my player the other day “what am I going to do without you here?” I know dad feels the same way, but I think it is harder on moms. Like most hockey families we are all really close and do a lot of family time things together. I am going to miss my player. Thank goodness we can watch him play on the computer and with Chromecast on our TV.

This week we had a family reunion with my housed jammed packed with house guests! They all leave tomorrow. Then it is laundry and packing and getting everything ready for our road trip! It is my hope that my player has a stellar year, we have been caught in so many “hockey traps” that we almost threw in the towel this season. But we have very high hopes for this year. The team we are going to is very professional, well organized and the communication flows. They have already helped us overcome 2 huge hurdles, actually 3 and I could not be more pleased with their help, compassion and assistance. I wish your players the very best this season, I truly do. We are all about celebrating all the players that work hard and give up a lot. Settle in quickly players, hockey season is here.

I know this is a short and sweet article, but I wish you all safe journeys as your players report to their teams. I wish you a great Billet family, great coach and a great year.

I look forward to writing from the road, I am sure we will have an interesting cross country journey to share with all of you. We leave on August 14 and arrive at our destination, hopefully by the 16th!

Safe journeys,

Hockey Mom

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