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How To Play In Europe Next Season

Right about now, there are hundreds of College Seniors thinking about Graduation and how to play hockey in Europe next year. There are hundreds more Junior players who are not College eligible for one reason or another who also want to play in Europe.

There are essentially three ways for North American players who are not NHL draft picks to get to play hockey in Europe.

  1. You can hire a “European Placement Adviser” and maybe get placed on a team, maybe not. Plan on paying upward of $5000 for this. You are likely to be placed on a very low level team and not be paid for your play. You will also be responsible for your own travel and insurance expenses in this case which will be a few thousand dollars more.

2. You have some family or coaching connections that can get you a tryout. Risky and trying out for one team is an expensive proposition. Plan on spending at least a three to four thousand dollars trying out for one team.

3. Or you can play in front of more than 48 professional teams from across Europe at the Central Scouting Services Pro Combine. Where more than 48 teams will attend and sign players at the event.

You will receive scouting, and information concerning import player limits for each team in attendance.

You will also attend seminars regarding citizenship and residency loopholes in certain countries that may make your playing in Europe easier.

You will also receive state of the art combine testing and those results will be delivered right to the decision makers who are attending.

Don’t waste time chasing “my friend says” or “this guy did this” or “a tour of 5 or 6 European cities”. Take the opportunity to get in front of the decision makers who will have contracts in hand. Why try out for one team when you can try out for dozens in one event?

This event is open to all NCAA, ACHA, and Junior players who are looking to play pro hockey in Europe who are 18 years of age and older.

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