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HTM Clients Continue To Move Up And Develop

The spring and early summer of 2016 has been good to Hockey Talent Management Clients at many levels.

From NCAA Commitments, WHL Bantam draft picks, USHL Draft Picks, Major Junior Draft Picks, NAHL Draft Picks,  to NHL Draft Picks, Hockey Talent Management Clients are covering every part of the hockey success spectrum. An industry leading twenty five percent of all HTM Clients get drafted at one point in their career or another.

Between 2010 and 2016 HTM Clients have accounted for more than 100 NCAA Commitments.  Every HTM Client choosing the NCAA path that has been academically eligible has been offered at least one NCAA opportunity for the last six years.

Getting drafted, at any level, or reaching the next level as a free agent, means having a plan and performing at a level to make that plan effective.  Simply competing at a high level is no longer enough.

Do you have a plan?  Do you understand the rules?  Or, will you fall for the old saying “If you’re good enough they will find you”?   If the old saying were true, the NHL wouldn’t be signing so many undrafted free agents each spring.

If you are serious about your career and potential as a hockey player its time to make a plan.  If you are a player looking to get to the next level, a player looking to make the most of opportunity, send your resume to [email protected]  If not, you can continue to hope you’re good enough and someone will find you.

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