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If You Want To Play Professionally In Europe…

Many players in junior and college hockey have dreams of continuing their careers in Europe. Making some money and seeing the world while extending your time as a player is a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have really good connections, its not likely to happen. Most European teams wont even talk to players who don’t have great playing resume’s.

So how do you increase your opportunity to play in Europe?

If you want to play in Europe you first need to go there and let them see you play. If you are not prepared for this and you don’t have a powerful resume, then you need to prepare to spend a lot of money on getting placed. The average placement fee in Europe from Agents and Advisers today is around $5000 USD.

Getting to Europe, making connections, and being seen by decision makers is the key.

If you are one of the players who wants to play in Europe this season, contact me now for a guaranteed opportunity to be seen by the decision makers.

I have main camp opportunities, and free agent camp opportunities to fill in August for Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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