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Karma – Minnesota Owls Of The MNJHL Get Paid Back

Karma.  It is the result of action.  It is seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results.  Good or bad.  Some say that Karma can be a bitch.  Some say that good Karma brings reward.  I guess it just depends on what you do before you say either of those things that determines what you may say.

The Minnesota Owls have good Karma these days.  It was only two days ago that the Owls promoted Tanner Vinson, their team Captain to the Tier II Wisconsin Wilderness.  Was it hard for them to let their best player go?  You bet.  Was it the right thing to do? No question.

Yesterday, that good deed came back and rewarded them with Sweedish born Defenseman Max Sund.  The 6’3″ 190 lb shut down player is on his way to the Owls based upon their commitment to moving players on.

“Max was in camp with an NAHL team the last few weeks, and we were working real hard to be in line for him if things didnt work out for him there.”  Said Owls GM Ryan Huck. “We got a call yesterday, and based on the news that we moved Tanner Vinson up, Max decided the Owls were the right team for him when the NAHL didnt work out for him.  He read about Tanner and knew we were committed to doing the same for him when the call comes for him to go back.”

Scouting reports have Sund as a shut down, defense first player.  While he can exhibit flashes of offensive ability, the big body defenseman prides himself on keeping the puck out of the next and making a solid first pass out of the defensive zone.

“Since helping Tanner move up, its amazing how energized our whole organization is.”  Said Huck “More players want to come here now, and its all because we just did the right thing.  Our Coaches are energized and our Owner is excited about how things can change so quickly when you commit to developing players and moving them on.  There are exciting days ahead for our team.”

I always say, you never get a second chance to do the first right thing.  The Owls…..Good Karma.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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