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Major Problems In Major Junior December 4, 2012 7:49 AM

The Portland Winterhawks and Windsor Spitfires know exactly what it costs to get caught providing extra benefits to players. They know how large the fine is, where the check needs to be sent, and what the other ramifications of their actions will be. Stiff penalties for sure.

The WHL was presented with an opportunity to audit Portland’s books after being handed a contract amendment that wasn’t on file in the league office. This gave the league the documentation necessary to begin a full investigation. These "amendments" are done all the time, and are never sent into the league offices.

How long before the next Major Junior Team is punished for providing extra benefits? Not long according to TJHN sources.

Extra benefits. From cash payments, cell phones, and other off the record gifts, Major Junior Hockey has a serious issue to deal with. Rumors of extra benefits being provided to players have been around for years. Most people in arenas would just chuckle when the subject was brought up in conversation. It really was just like an open joke, and the punchline was that Hockey Canada and the three Major Junior Leagues could do nothing to stop it.

Today though it looks as though Hockey Canada and the Leagues have had enough and will begin a system wide crackdown.

TJHN sources are now saying at least one other Major Junior team will be experiencing some painful reprecusions due to an ongoing investigation into improper benefits being received by players. Some sources are saying that multiple investigations are ongoing in all three Major Junior leagues and that multiple teams may be paying stiff penalties.

Its no secret that extra benefits are provided to players. Players, and parents talk about it all the time. Some brag about it openly and no one was complaining until recently.

One of the great extras TJHN has heard a lot about recently is "development money". This "development money" is piad to fund private on ice instruction, or to attend camps, or really just about anything the contracted player asks for.

There are all kinds of ways for teams to provide extra benefits to players. Cash or gifts, or funnel money through a sponsor, it can be done easily. You cant expect the players to turn themselves or the team providing the benefits in to the league. Why would they bite the hand that feeds them?

Want an iPad, Laptop or something else? Your major junior team can get you one as a Christmas present. The WHL has no spending limit for teams to buy those gifts. Thanks for the Blackberry Playbook coach.

Some are asking, "Whats the problem?". Well the problem really isnt the gifts and extra benefits themselves, it is the recruiting advantage that giving those gifts provides. Players and parents can be influenced by gifts. Teams that have a reputation of providing "bennies" get an inside track on free agent players and those gifts can be used to lure players away from other programs in the United States that do not provide those benefits.

With two teams being caught will the other teams stop the practice? One TJHN source said, "As long as teams have outside money available that money will be used."

To billionaire owners, $200,000.00 fines are a drop in the bucket. They didnt get to be wealthy by being stupid. The Winterhawks werent the first, and they certainly wont be the last to get caught.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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