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McDavid And Eichel The Potential For Greatness – by Joseph Kolodziej

The race for the 2015 draft lottery is almost complete.  Much has been said about teams “tanking” to have a chance at drafting either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.  Some people are complaining, some fans are cheering for their teams to lose.

Some people have said those same fans are being disrespectful.  Well, when you pay a hundred dollars a ticket to go to a game, you can cheer for the Zamboni if you want to, because you have paid for your right to do so.

But are those fans really cheering for their team to lose, or are they cheering for the hope of brighter days ahead?

There is no question Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel are the “generational” type talents that those in the game believe them to be.  I have seen both many, many times, and both are tremendously impressive prospects.  But lets remember, they are prospects.

McDavid and Eichel, have the “Potential for Greatness.”  But right now, that’s all it is, potential.

What’s wrong with cheering for your teams potential?  Hope springs eternal in the true hockey fan.  Ask any Leafs fan and you will know how eternal that hope can be.

The real issue for people who really don’t study these things, is just how good McDavid and Eichel have the potential to be.  “Generational” is a word, that does not accurately describe these two young men and their talent “potential” in a way that many casual fans can relate to.

So, lets put it in the most layman terms possible;

Comparing Canadian players for context in Canada, Connor McDavid has the potential to be better than Sydney Crosby.  He has the potential to be the next Gretzky or Lemieux.

Comparing American players for context in America, Jack Eichel has the potential to be better than Mike Modano, Pat Lafontaine, and Jeremy Roenick.  He has the potential to become the greatest American born player ever.

That is the type of potential we are talking about.  Not “Generational” but truly historical.

So I ask, if your team could have gotten Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, Modano, Lafontaine or Roenick simply by finishing in last place and getting the first pick, wouldn’t you cheer for the future?

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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