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Minnesota Owls Update – League Investigating

After news broke yesterday of drunken behavior combined with violence and racial slurs, the Minnesota Junior Hockey League is taking action.  What that action will be is yet to be seen.

In a conversation with MNJHL Commissioner Mike Staloch, the MNJHL position is one of fact finding now.

“We are not sweeping this under the rug.  The league will take appropriate action once we have all the facts.”  Said Commissioner Staloch.

In a conversation with Minnesota Owls Owner Cindy Kuznia, it was made clear that Travis Kuznia, the Owners son, has been “terminated” from the Head Coach position with the team.  In that same conversation Kuznia did confirm all of the information concerning the drunken behavior and alcohol consumption of the night in question.

Kuznia also stated that she “was not there” so she could not confirm the fight, or the use of racial slurs.

TJHN has spoken to eyewitnesses who not only confirm the fight and use of racial slurs but that the fight was instigated by Travis Kuznia, and that the slurs did, come from Kuznia.

While the MNJHL investigates, the Owls did play again last night with a roster that is not full, loosing 6 to 1 to the Hudson Crusaders.

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