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Mount Pearl Junior Blades – St. John Junior Hockey League June 11, 2012 7:27 AM

In St. John Newfoundland, a small local junior loop known as the St. John Junior Hockey League, the league has put itself before its players.

On May 23rd, the Mount Pearl Junior Blades were fined $2,000 and their coach Brian Cranford was suspended for a year because they didn’t attend an opening ceremony or the closing remarks for the Don Johnson memorial tournament.

The tournament took place in April, during final exams for these student athletes. The team informed the league that they were putting their education before hockey and it was not their intention to be disrespectful.

The team’s reasoning for skipping these events was more than valid. Tournament guidelines did not outline suspension as a punishment for not attending.

How does a league not only punish with a fine of this magnitude, but with such a dramatic suspension, for the prioritizing of education? To punish the coach with such a drastic suspension for placing education before hockey makes no sense to the most casual of observers. To force a team to begin to rebuild its coaching staff because of this event and fine the organization is once again putting itself ahead of the players and young men they say they are developing to lead.

Is this an example of good lleadership?

Joseph Kolodziej

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