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MWJHL Team And Roster Updates


Information coming out of Alpena and other MWJHL cities is that the Streetcats will likely be dropped off of the MWJHL schedule some time next week.  TJHN sources are reporting that the general consensus throughout other league members is that the team “is not viable”.  While we would like to say that we will update this information when the MWJHL makes an official announcement, announcements from the MWJHL are rare, so we will do the best we can.

Other questions have been raised concerning other MWJHL teams.  One reader brough up a recent announcement from the Traverse City Hounds.  On August 15th, 2013 the Hounds made an announcement of having signed former Tier II player Dallas McLaughlin.  Several quotes attributed to McLaughlin were in the announcement, yet McLaughlin is NOT playing for the Hounds.

Dallas McLaughlin signed with and is playing for the Marquette Royales in the Minnesota Junior Hockey League.  He is listed on the Royales roster, and played for the Royales in their very first game at the MNJHL Showcase. Game Sheet

While McLaughlin may be in Marquette, there is also some question as to what tactics were used to get him there.  Multiple sources in Marquette and Traverse City are reporting that McLaughlin may have been offered a free to play, and/or promise of a NCAA scholarship in order to play there.  More on that next week.

While many people have been questioning how “viable” the MWJHL is a league, many people are now questioning how accurate some of the roster information being distributed actually is.

McLaughlin certainly woould have been a very big “coup” for the MWJHL to get, but in the end, he is not there.  The question to be answered is “why”?

While TJHN staffers did their best to verify other players claimed to be rostered with MWJHL teams they were unable to do so because rosters can not be found for the 2013-2014 season on the team websites.

TJHN will continue to track down the rostered player story over the course of the next few weeks and will update this story as information develops.

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