NCAA Alabama Huntsville Discontinues Hockey Program Immediately

The University of Alabama-Huntsville, citing the COVID-19 or Coronavirus, has cancelled the Mens Ice Hockey program, effective immediately.

In a statement released Friday UAH said the following;

“After a comprehensive review of UAH’s athletic offerings and the associated long-term budget implications, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the men’s hockey, men’s tennis, and women’s tennis programs. The student-athletes associated with these programs have been outstanding representatives of the University in the classroom and on the field. We are making this decision now to allow our student-athletes in hockey, men’s and women’s tennis programs to have the opportunity to play at another institution if they choose to do so. Student-athletes who would like to join another institution’s roster will be released without penalty and free to transfer immediately. For student-athletes associated with these three programs who wish to complete their education at UAH, their current scholarships will be honored for the duration of the students’ academic careers.”

This is not the first COVID sports victim and it will not be the last.

Unfortunately, UAH became just the latest in a growing list of universities to eliminate sports programs. Furman University eliminated its baseball and men’s lacrosse programs, Bowling Green terminated its baseball program, the University of Akron eliminated three sports and Central Michigan University ended its men’s track and field team.

As the world comes to understand the many potential implications of a rush to return to play, more programs will likely be cancelled at the NCAA, and amateur levels. While not all cancellations will be permanent, some probably will.

Stay tuned for more updates on the COVID pandemic and its impact on hockey around the world.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser