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NCAA Football Canceled – Hockey Is Likely Next

With the Big Ten and Pac Twelve canceling the fall NCAA football season along with other smaller conferences, some are asking if hockey will be played.

The answer is simply that it is unlikely.

Hockey does not, in most cases, generate enough revenue for schools to profit or break even. Football is the largest financial contributor to all college sports programs.

Without football it is simply not likely that NCAA hockey will hit the ice this season. Maybe they can pull it off in January or in the Spring, but even that is unlikely.

Meanwhile the NCAA has extended the recruiting dead period to September 30th.

With so many people being upset about these seasons being canceled, isn’t it time a national mask order was issued? Even for those who don’t believe in the pandemic, doesn’t it make sense to humor the government for a few weeks so we can all get back to watching sports?

Some people have been complaining that I have been writing about the doom and gloom since the pandemic hit in March. Some people have asked me to stop writing about it because they are tired of reading about the hoax.

It’s funny how all of the hockey news outlets who claim they are unbiased in their reporting simply haven’t reported the truth about the decimation that was easily predictable. No one wanted to say the hard things that needed to be said.

Now five months into this, everything I have written and said would happen has happened, or is in the process of happening.

For those of you who did no wear a mask because it infringed on your “rights”, I hope you enjoy sitting at home this year reading your constitution instead of watching NCAA sports.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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