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NCAA Recruiting Dead Period Extended To April

The NCAA’s self imposed “dead period” for recruiting athletes has been extended to April 15th, 2021.

While many parents and players are confused by this “dead period” due to Junior Teams announcing “commitments” to various schools on their websites and social media, the “dead period” is real.

Commitment announcements are nice. They are a great sales and marketing tool.

Commitment announcements are not a guarantee that any player is playing for the school he is “committing” to attend.

A “dead period” keeps college coaches out of the arenas watching games in an official capacity. It allows them to watch unlimited games and film on the internet. It also allows them to follow up on recruiting that began before the “dead period”.

Just because a player “commits” does not mean he has been academically accepted and enrolled into any University. It does not mean that the player will play for that school next year. It also does not mean that the player will play for that school at any time.

Players and parents need to begin to truly understand the recruiting process and the rules. You need to begin to understand that in this time of a pandemic that everything we knew last year is not to be taken as truth this year or next year.

Don’t keep going through the motions. Don’t think for one second things have not changed. Do not believe that all of the changes at the NCAA level will not effect you.

Now more than ever making a plan and planning a path to achieve goals is the most important part of getting to the next level.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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