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NOJHL Ellioit Lake Bobcats McFarlane Commits To University Of Windsor

Elliot Lake Bobcats big Defenseman Bryan McFarlane has committed to a University and even better that University is right here in Ontario. This extremely talented Young Man had offers from NCAA Division I, NCAA Division III and CIS Schools and after all those offers he decided that this one was the best for him at this point in time.

Bryan has decided to commit to the University of Windsor home of one of Canada’s most renowned Hockey Programs. There are many factors that helped him narrow down the field and the two biggest factors in the decision making process were… The Mechanical Engineering Program offered at the University of Windsor and their overall amazing Hockey program offered by the school.

I took a few minutes to have a conversation with a very excited young man today and here is what he had to say. “I couldn’t have done it with out all the help and guidance that the Bobcats Organization gave throughout this year. They really helped me make the right decision for my future.”

He also added “GM/Owner/Coach Ryan Leonard and his entire staff helped out immensely. They were there day in, day out to help push his game to the next level. With out the help of those amazing Volunteers it would have been hard for me to reach my goals”.

Bryan also wanted to point out that his Teammates made him strive for more. “I could not slack off on the ice when these guys were out there giving 110% I couldn’t let myself be the weak link in the chain. Playing on a great team like the Bobcats only made me become a better player. Sharing the ice with my these Guys was a true honor that I will not forget anytime soon”.

He also wanted to take the time to acknowledge the people that are sometimes forgotten. “My Family, Friends and the fans that stood behind us through the good and the bad is another big factor that helped me strive to be the best I can be, they were always behind me and that makes me proud to be able to take this next step”. The conversation ended on a great note with Bryan saying, “I am very excited and ready to take on this new experience”.

Adam Amyotte

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