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Play In Europe – Junior Openings Available

More and more teams in the United States and Canada will be finding themselves in stop and start seasons. Simply put, escaping an airborne pandemic in a place where people are not wearing masks to protect each other will continue to prove the task is impossible.

With multiple teams in the USHL, NAHL and Junior A and B in Canada taking the year off, it’s time to look outside of the box. Tier III is certainly an option, until one player gets infected and derails those teams seasons as well. It will happen, its inevitable.

Europe, where the NHL is sending its top prospects, is an available option for players from the United States and Canada.

Yes. If you are from the United States, you can get to Europe with the right documentation. You can play a full and safe season in an environment where the virus is still present, but clearly under much better control.

Yes. Canadians can play in Europe. The border is not closed for you at all. But again, you need the correct paperwork to make the transition.

Your resume as a player will determine the level you will be able to play at. If you are a Tier III player, don’t expect a free to play situation. If you are a Tier II or higher level player then you will have many options.

The European season has already begun. No delays, and so far no problems.

Why sit at home and wait for a season that may actually never start? Why risk a season that starts and then stops again?

If the top players in the world are making the move, why aren’t you?

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

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