Pre Draft Combine Rescheduled To July

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Pre Draft Combine is being rescheduled to July.

The Michigan Governors Office has informed us that social distancing measures are not expected to be completely rolled back until the end of May or middle of June. This would make it impossible for all players and scouts to be in the same building at the same time.

We were also informed that July is the most likely time that we will see a return to normalcy. While ice arena’s in Michigan will likely begin reopening at the end of May, its unlikely that groups of more than 20 will be allowed in one building at the same time.

We also took into account arena management having to accommodate a large number of user groups and their tryouts. July was seen by the Arena as being the best and most likely opportunity to operate the Combine as we always have.

Please visit for updates as we move closer to July. If you have not already registered, limited forward and defense openings are still available.

Thank you for your continued support as we get through this time together. Stay safe, and keep training, we will be playing hockey again soon.