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Rating The Junior Hockey Leagues – Major Junior And USHL 2016 Edition

I want to remind all readers that this series of articles rating the junior hockey leagues in North America is based upon independent opinions and analysis of scouts throughout the United States and Canada.

This rating is based upon the 2015-2016 season and nothing more.

The criteria that was used in rating these four leagues, was how do teams within the leagues compare when developing players who move on to the NHL, NCAA, and Canadian University hockey programs.

Again this is not a historical account of each league but a rating based upon last season alone.  We hope this series of articles is informative and promotes a healthy discussion.

1. A.  The United States Hockey League.

Last year the USHL was 1.B.  This season voting was nearly tied with the OHL, but in the end the USHL edged them out for first place over all.

All scouts were quick to cite the additional development time that the USHL affords players while moving them on to NCAA programs.  Scouts also expressed that the ability to place a player in the American Hockey League directly from the USHL as a development benefit.

Citing the direct correlation with USHL – NCAA – and leading all groups in the amount of NHL free agent signings carried a significant impact on the voting.

Those doubting the impact of NCAA advocacy from multiple leagues and organizations on hockey development can no longer bury their heads in the sand.  The “strictly amateur” route is not only paying dividends, but those dividends are being realized by more players every year.

1. B.  The Ontario Hockey League.

Last year, the OHL finished just slightly ahead of the USHL, by two votes.  This year, the USHL took a similarly small lead over the OHL.  When you combine the volume of players that move on to the NHL and Canadian University it is simply an overwhelming statement of success.

Though the domination of the NHL draft was not there as has been historically, the OHL continue to develop some of the worlds greatest players.

Publishers Statement;

The USHL and OHL are clearly the world leaders in NHL player development at this time.  While our rankings have in the past and will likely today cause much debate, the one thing that can not be argued, is that these leagues represent the best of the best.  We expect the back and forth battle in annual rankings to continue.

It is also worth mentioning that several scouts wanted to include or wrote in votes for Europe as well.  The success of the European development path was clear at the NHL draft this year.

2.  The Western Hockey League.

Scouts noted that the WHL continues to produce some top end talent.  The comments on how the WHL has improved it offensive player development when the league has been known for defensive player development.

The WHL has also been noted recently for its goaltender development.  Many in the scouting community feel as though the WHL may be developing some of the better young Major Junior goaltenders.

3.  The Quebec Major Junior League.

The QMJHL has in years past produced some of the best NHL players.  That once dominant development stream looks to have taken another year of decline.  The one constant comment concerning the league was “disappointing”.  While talent remains within the league, it is not what it once was.

Next week we will publish the results of rating Canadian Junior A and the North American Hockey League.

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