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Rating The Junior Hockey Leagues – Canada Junior B 2022 Edition

The criteria that was used in rating these six leagues, was how do teams within the leagues compare when developing players who move on to the NHL, NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC, and Canada Junior A, or Canadian University hockey programs. The size of the league as in number of teams was also taken into account for depth of player talent throughout the league. The level of promotion of commitments was also taken into account for this particular rating.


The GOJHL and its relationship with the OHL for developing prospects simply sets it apart and above all others. This league is loaded with talent from the OHL, and they do a pretty good job at recruiting from AAA and Junior A over age players as well. Great cities, great venues, and well funded organizations, make this Canada’s top Junior B league.


The KIJHL was a close second to the GOJHL. The league has made improvements in big ways over the last few years in regard to development and pushing players up to the BCHL, SJHL, MJHL and AJHL. Some players have gone to Europe with great success as well, and more are taking advantage of the KIJHL development opportunities.


Got back to developing players for the CCHL and other Junior A programs in Ontario, and the intent to raise the level of play, and the level of development was apparent on the ice. Many players now see the EOJHL as an option to move up, and not just an option to be sent down from the CCHL. Noticeable improvements in league perception were marked by the increased level of player interest.


The VIJHL has some issues to deal with in player promotion, but a lot of that has to deal with their geography. The level of play is very good, and the coaching is solid. Visibility is simply not there and more attention needs to be paid to promotion of players.


The PJHL has similar problems to the VIJHL. Visibility just isn’t there. Not enough marketing of players takes place to really see it as a viable development option for more than a few potential locals.


The Heritage Junior Hockey League has essentially fallen off the map after COVID. They simply have no clue how to generate interest from scouts and higher level programs.

The rest of the Canadian Junior B leagues simply were not ranked.

Next week TJHN will publish the Top 20 list of all leagues combined.

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